April 29, 2004

To get up and walk from the table...

Armed Liberal takes on the Fifty British foreign policy "experts" who wrote a scathing letter to Prime Minister Blair.

...The basic failure of this cohort of diplomats - in the UK, US, UN, and elsewhere - is that for twenty years, they were silent and ineffective while Islamism grew in power and hatred.

They believed that by negotiating the terms of 'stability' - because, after all, when you negotiate for a living, a successful negotiation is the major thing you're looking for - even as one side made it clear that stability wasn't what was being sought - they were accomplishing something...

...In fact, they not only let it grow unchecked, but stood by, supportive and silent, as any real peace process was undermined by oil bribes.

One of the keys of any successful negotiation is the willingness to simply go 'basta!' - no more - and get up and walk from the table.

The problem with a policy of engagement and continuous negotiation supported by this crew is that you preclude that possibility.

Bush and Sharon have done just that in Palestine, and Bush and Blair have done it in Iraq.

That's infinitely preferable to a policy in which diplomats confer in luxury while suicide bombers murder innocents...

Posted by John Weidner at April 29, 2004 9:30 PM
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