April 29, 2004

The evidence is there, the danger is obvious...

Do read this article in OpinionJournal, on the Jordanian poison gas plot:

...Abu Musab al-Zarqawi--the man cited by the Bush Administration as its strongest evidence of prewar links between al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein, and the current ringleader of anti-coalition terrorism in Iraq--may be behind the plot, which would be al Qaeda's first ever attempt to use chemical weapons. The targets included the U.S. Embassy in Amman. Yet as of yesterday, most news organizations hadn't probed the story, if at all, beyond the initial wire-service copy. [my emphasis]
Perhaps the problem here is that covering this story might mean acknowledging that Tony Blair and George W. Bush have been exactly right to warn of the confluence of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. Jordan's King Abdullah called it a "major, major operation" that would have "decapitated" his government. "Anyone who doubts the terrorists' desire to obtain and use these weapons only needs to look at this example," said Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer....
The evidence is there, the danger is obvious, but they don't cover the story!

How I despise those lackwits of the press. The War on Bush is much more important to them than the War on Terror. They would gladly sacrifice our nation's security to put Democrats back in power.

...The terror cell's ringleader, Jordanian Azmi Jayyousi, said he was acting on the orders of Zarqawi, whom he first met at an al Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan: "I took courses, poisons high level, then I pledged allegiance to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi." Mr. Jayyousi said this attack had been plotted from Zarqawi's new base of operations in Iraq. A Jordanian court sentenced Zarqawi to death this month for plotting the 2002 murder of U.S diplomat Laurence Foley in Amman...
Zarqawi ordered the murder of an American! And if Clinton/Carter/Gore/Kerry had been in charge we would have done nothing. That's disgusting beyond belief. Not to mention suicidal.

But now it's different. We are killing Zarqawi's thugs and murderers on the streets of Falluja. Now! Finally! Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is reason #12 to be in Iraq.

If we had been willing to fight a decade or two ago, the death toll would have been far less, both for us and various brown-skinned people the Democrats care nothing for. And because we are willing to fight at last, we are avoiding a probable war in the future, where millions die...The press and the Democrats are trying to create that war, by undercutting our efforts now. And by lying. Obscuring important facts is a form of lying, and that's exactly what the mainstream press is doing now--refusing to cover an important story because it might hurt their party, and might wake us to the danger they have helped put us in.

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