April 19, 2004

More thoughts on the previous post...

In 1944 we investigated the intelligence failures that led to our being surprised at Pearl Harbor. But the whole exercise was futile, because the world where those failures happened vanished utterly on December 7, 1941. The investigation was a little like the reverse of those reenactments of Civil War battles. A glance now is enough to tell us that our plump suburbanite re-enactors are far removed in spirit from the slaughter-lands of Cold Harbor and Petersburg and the Jerusalem Turnpike...

Same with 9/11. The investigation only makes sense if we believe that 9/11 was a one-off, a fluke, and if it hadn't happened we would still be in the world of 9/10. Or that we are in the world of 9/10. The alternative view is that some other attack would have happened if 9/11 hadn't, and that 9/10 was a dream-world we can't return to, and which has precious few lessons for us now. Like soft Sunday mornings on the golf links in Honolulu. Time will tell which view is right. But the plan of the John Kerry types, to slide past the issue, to not take a clear position--unh unh. It's too late for that.

One characteristic of the Isolationists was that they talked of WWII as "Roosevelt's War," not our war. It's interesting to watch now as the same sorts try to make this "Bush's War." One of the less appetizing of the Isolationists was Joe Kennedy. Bad feelings about him were later overlaid by the heroic war service of his sons, and the popularity of JFK. But who is now claiming that the Iraq campaign was concocted in Texas to gain votes? Joe's youngest son Teddy! I suspect the overall view of the Kennedy Family in history is not going to be good.

Speaking of Civil War reenactors, there are some guys who really do it right; living on corn meal and rancid bacon, and huddling together under ragged blankets at night to keep from freezing. If you are interested, read Confederates in the Attic.

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