April 14, 2004


One thing that struck me during the press conference. The media wing of the Democratic Party is pushing the "Bush is to blame for 9/11" thing hard. And it's going to backfire bigtime. As Bush said, it's Osama Bin Laden who's to blame.

The contrast between people who push blame and a President who is pushing the War is going to be glaring.

A Kerry-supporter I know said that Bush allowed ideology to keep him from fighting terrorists. Talk about projection! Wow! And if the Dems want to push the line that Iraq is a sideshow from the WoT, they will be forced more and more to claim that the the fighting in Iraq is just honest Vietnamese Iraqi peasants spontaneously rising up against American tyranny. That'll play well with the voters. In Berkeley.

The position of an opposition party in wartime is tough. I sympathize. We Republicans were there in WWII. It was misery. But wars call for sacrifice. And the path of duty is clear. Constructive criticism is fine. But denigrating and undercutting our war efforts is not. Especially in a case like the invasion of Iraq, where most Democrat senators voted to authorize it. They voted to commit our troops, our credibility, our honor, to that fight.

Even if they think we ought to have done something different, their duty now is to support their country.

Especially now that it is becoming clear that we are fighting against one of the worst terrorist groups in the world, whose tactic is not to defeat us in battle, but to destroy our will to fight with propaganda and a seemingly endless series of terrorist attacks. The Democrats and the press are starting to enter into a symbiosis with Hezbollah, all working together to suggest that our efforts are hopeless.

If Democrat leaders have a better plan for fighting the war, their duty is to present it clearly and forcefully. And then support whatever plan is decided upon, without the endless sniping and carping that we see now. The Constitution gives the Executive Branch a lot of power to act during a crisis. But it has to face the voters afterward. If our war plan really is bad, the Democrats will win big in future elections.

But to undercut and sabotage our efforts while the battle is raging is wrong. It's unpatriotic. (There, I've said it. If you guys don't like it, make a case. With facts and rational arguments. Not by sniveling, "Mommmmy, Johnny called me unpatriotic. Tell him to stop!" )

Posted by John Weidner at April 14, 2004 9:22 AM
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