April 12, 2004

What if we got there 20 minutes earlier?

From an article in the Los Angeles Times: Fundamentally, Bush Works on Faith:

...The president's interpretation of Jesus' parables directly influences his moral vision for foreign policy. Rejecting the notion of realpolitik — that cold, hard self-interest should be the sole guide of policy — Bush embraces the idea that the United States has a moral obligation to help those in trouble.

His friend Doug Wead, a former aide to George H.W. Bush, recounted for us a discussion he had with the current president a few years ago on the story of the good Samaritan. Wead was reminding Bush of the story about our moral obligation to help strangers in distress when the president, in typically blunt fashion, asked: What if we got there 20 minutes earlier, when the traveler to Jericho was being attacked. Don't we have an obligation to help him then too? Such thinking not only influenced his decision to liberate Iraq but also fueled his commitment to combat AIDS in Africa...(via Judd )

It's the followers of realpolitik who are evading reality. It's dreams and ideas and the spirit that drive the world. Not selfishness and peevish calculation.

Strange dreamers arose from the Islamic stew and are trying to destroy us. But look, we have sturdy dreamers of our own! Perhaps Tony Blair and George Bush are just a "last hurrah" of Christendom, before the dull spirit of selfishness and calculation and safety submerges all. Or maybe not.

It's no wonder the Ultra's and the ankle-biters are acting rabid. Marx and Lenin are now just names kids cram before the history test, and realism has dwindled into appeasement and fearfulness. While a 2,000 year-old story, just a few sentences, stirs our hearts and helps to set armies in motion.

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