April 12, 2004

Line of Death

My earlier post, Remember what General Marshall said, reminds me of another incident. During the Reagan Administration, we sent a carrier into the Gulf of Sidra, to puncture Gaddafi's claim that it was Libyan territorial water. (Remember the "Line of Death?") One Libyan plane was shot down.

The operation went just as planned, no Americans were hurt, and, since it was nighttime here, Reagan's aides had no reason to wake him. That was a good indication that our forces were being trusted to work with competence and efficiency. And an extremely good sign that we had left behind LBJ's disastrous micro-managing of military operations from the White House.

But what a howl of faux outrage the Democrats set up! How could the President sleep when our pilots might be in danger! It was heartless, it was careless, and probably a sign of senility. Art Buchwald even titled his next book: "While Reagan Slept."

It's depressing to think that the same intellectual bankruptcy characterizes them today. And that they are probably not even aware of the bad impression they are giving to our military personnel.

Posted by John Weidner at April 12, 2004 5:56 PM
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