April 12, 2004

Remember what General Marshall said...

A partisan Democrat mountebank writes:

...Vacation gibes are usually unfair. But with the situation in Iraq so critical, shouldn't the president be at the White House? It's a full-time job, comes with a decent salary.
It's not only unfair, it's unbelievably stupid. It's stupid partly because Bush is just as in-touch with Iraq and the world at his ranch as he is in the White House. He's in touch, and busy, wherever he goes.

And also because the Jimmy Carter-type presidency, with the president personally fussing over every detail, and trapped in the White House during any crisis, is a disastrously bad management style. Any leader of a large enterprise needs to build a strong team, and then trust them to take action. Especially in war!

Do you know what General Marshall said, when the shocking news of what came to be called The Battle of the Bulge reached Washington? And people wanted to send anxious messages to Eisenhower? He said, "Let's just leave Ike alone for a while."

Bush being in Texas is a good sign. A sign of confidence in our military, and in Ambassador Bremer. Also, the situation in Iraq is not critical. Militarily, there's nothing going on we can't handle.

The Democrats seem to have the notion (they never spell-out their beliefs clearly, but it shows) that a war is only successful if we don't have to fight. Or take risks.

I wish Kerry or other Democrats had the wit to realize, and say, that even if being in Iraq is a total mistake, it would be disastrous to pull out under fire. To say clearly that we are in a war now because Mogadishu and Beruit and the Iran Hostage Crisis taught our enemies to attack us.

Or even just have the honesty to say whatever it is they believe...

Posted by John Weidner at April 12, 2004 7:55 AM
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