April 10, 2004

Biter bit...

Suppose I was criticizing you. And I screamed to the world that everything you do is bad. Your clothes, your politics, your smell, your accent, that you talk too much, that you won't contribute to the conversation........(and also that everything about me is wise, noble and superior)

How credible would I be? D'you suppose people might start tuning out? Maybe believing just the opposite of what I say?

Something like that seems to be happening in national politics. These numbers made me smile.

...Seventy-one percent (71%) of Americans said they followed news stories of the Rice testimony somewhat or very closely.

Among those who were following the story closely, Rice was viewed favorably by 56% and unfavorably by 28%.

Rice's numbers are far better than those for Richard Clarke, the former Clinton and Bush official whose testimony two weeks ago kicked off a media frenzy. Following yesterday's testimony,  Clarke is viewed favorably by just 27% of voters and unfavorably by 42%.

An earlier survey found that half of all Americans thought Clarke made his accusations  against President Bush to help sell books or help the Kerry campaign...(thanks to Rand)

Well, that's exactly what Clarke did. His best friend is working for the Kerry campaign, a "media frenzy" is what he needed to sell his book—so suddenly everything Bush did is wrong, and everything Clinton did was right. He changed his story completely, because you don't get a media frenzy by defending Bush. (In fact you don't get any media at all.)

Clarke's a phony, and people aren't fooled!

And so are the other Ultras who keep telling us everything about Bush is bad. He's too unilateral, but he's not acting unilaterally with North Korea. He believes in preemptive war, but he didn't do something-or-other preemptive before 9/11. He's a moron and he's a devious mastermind.

North Korea has hideous death-camps, but that's not news. If a civilian is killed by mistake in Baghdad, that's news, and the Ultras gloat over it. Just because it might "rub off" on Bush. It's really their own dyspeptic monomania that's being revealed; nobody could be as horrid as the George Bush we are hearing about. And the voters will stop listening.

Posted by John Weidner at April 10, 2004 8:19 PM
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