April 9, 2004

So naive we were

Stephen den Beste writes:

..Eastland contends that those revelations [referring to a report on atrocities and mass executions in Iraq] will end the discussion of whether the US was right to invade and remove Saddam, making clear that questions of WMDs and whether Bush lied are moot. I'm afraid Eastland is hopelessly naive. I once thought that myself...

... The last 12 months of political rhetoric has long since opened my eyes: "compassionate" leftists don't in the slightest care about people in the world who are tortured and maimed by their own governments. They only care about whether anyone is injured or killed by American military action. Far better that thousands of Iraqis die at the hands of Saddam's torturers than that a few hundred die because of an Anglo-American invasion to take Saddam out...

I was naive the same way. I thought people would surely realize that Saddam was waging a war against his own people. One that, in proportion to the size of the population, was one of the most destructive wars of our time. Surely those who are anti-war would be anti that war? At least a teensy bit?

And then, I thought that the revelations that followed upon the liberation of Iraq...people clawing up the bones of loved-ones from out of the sand...the heart-rending tales of torture...surely those would touch the hearts of the Ultras? But their hearts are cold, cold, cold.

I thought the reaction to the revelations of the Nazi death camps was, well, the human norm. The normal way people react to these things. But come to think, there have been a lot of mass killings since then, with the world yawning every time.

Actually, the Nazis were vilified mostly as part of a propaganda campaign to identify them with conservatives, and with the right. A particularly nasty lie: They were Socialists, tricked-out in a few rags of nationalist and conservative rhetoric. Yet they've been used ever since to "justify" socialism, as a supposed "antidote" to the evils of the right. And the socialist mass-murders went on and on. Stalin's millions, Mao's millions, Pol Pot...And all of them apologized for and excused because they were "anti-fascist."

And now George W Bush is the new demon. And the Ultras are once again tolerating and protecting mass murder for their 'higher cause."

Posted by John Weidner at April 9, 2004 9:53 PM
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