April 7, 2004

Old Glory

Rosemary passed on a suggestion that we fly flags on blogs as a response to what seems to be a bit of PC foolishness, the removal of American flags flown by our forces in Iraq. The idea is to not "offend" Iraqis, but I suspect that people who are offended by the sight of Old Glory are much more likely to be found in San Francisco, or Paris, or at the New York Times, than they are in Iraq...

Here's my contribution...

Elizabeth Menegon greets her brother with a flag
Elizabeth Menegon, sister of Army Special Forces reservist Maj. David Menegon, rushes toward her brother, who has just arrived, at the Old Greenwich train station in Greenwich, Conn., on Wednesday. He had been deployed to Iraq for 14 months.

Mel Greer, Greenwich (Conn.) Time / AP photo From Army Times, 4/2/04

Posted by John Weidner at April 7, 2004 9:37 AM
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