April 3, 2004

Bombs and hot potatoes...

Among the many distortions in Richard Clarke's book and testimony, is the systematic downplaying of Iraqi involvement in the first WTC bombing. I won't try to boil down this fascinating stuff, you should read about it here.

This was the policy of the Clinton Administration; they didn't want to know! And there's something else they didn't want to know. Note a name in the piece I linked to: "Ramzi Yousef."

There's a wealth of circumstantial evidence connecting Ramzi Yousef with another notorious bombing. One that Bill Clinton used to great political advantage by suggesting that it grew out of an evil stewpot of right wing extremists and Rush Limbaugh.

It worked, and the ugly distortions are still circulated. But the American people would probably have reacted rather differently if they had been made aware how many times the paths of "Ramzi Yousef" and Terry Nichols had crossed. Or that the new fertilizer-bomb recipe found in Yousef's cookbook was used in Oklahoma City about a month after the apparent time he wrote it down.

Posted by John Weidner at April 3, 2004 10:46 AM
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