April 3, 2004

The voters are morons, they must be guided by their betters...

Ed Driscoll notes:

QUITE A DOUBLE STANDARD AT ABC: Here's Nightline Executive Producer Leroy Sievers on Fallujah:
"War is a horrible thing. It is about killing," ABC News "Nightline" Executive Producer Leroy Sievers said in an unusual message to the program's e-mail subscribers discussing the issues posed by Wednesday's killings. "If we try to avoid showing pictures of bodies, if we make it too clean, then maybe we make it too easy to go to war again."
And here's ABC News chief David Westin on 9/11:
"The question is, are we informing or titillating and causing unnecessary grief?" ABC News chief David Westin told the New York Times just days after the Sept. 11 attack. Explaining why his network decided not to show any pictures of people leaping to their deaths at the World Trade Center, he said, "Our responsibility is to inform the American public of what's going on, and, in going the next step, is it necessary to show people plunging to their death?"
Some have suggested that ABC isn't quite on our side. Maybe, but my guess is that this is pure partisan politics. They grasped instantly that our being at war would help Bush, and almost immediately began downplayng the attacks and upplaying everything that went wrong. If Gore had been in the White House, it would have been "Rally round the flag folks."

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