March 29, 2004

"Just ask the people he lives with"

The refusal of Democrat leaders to allow the Senate to vote on Bush's judicial nominations is an story of mendacity and hypocrisy. The ugliness is doubled because, having no honest case to make against a group of very competent and decent nominees, they have to slander good men. Jim Miller writes:

More On Judge Pickering:  I never watch 60 Minutes any more; they have been wrong too many times.  Worse, they have sometimes deliberately concocted deceptive stories, as they did when they saved Clinton in 1992.  I can and do forgive news organizations that try to get the facts right; I can't forgive those that try to fool me.  So, it is a pleasure to learn that the program got the facts right about Judge Pickering, a decent man who fought the Ku Klux Klan when that was extraordinarily dangerous, only to be slurred as a racist years later by the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee.
President Bush himself has said, "Pickering has got a very strong record on civil rights. Just ask the people he lives with."
60 Minutes did, and found that in Mississippi, Pickering enjoys strong support from the many blacks who know him.  In his hometown of Laurel, four of the five black City Council members say they back him, because of all he's done to improve race relations.  And many black attorneys who practice before him say Pickering is fair and first-rate.  They include attorney Charles Lawrence, who says, "I trust him because I've been in front of him.  I've had cases in front of him.  And that's not to say I've always won.  I haven't always won.  But he, he has an understanding of the law and he applies it he applies it fairly across the board...

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