March 27, 2004

Country Z—statist no more...

I turned a paragraph from this article into a generic version, because it could be used as a template for any number of articles one sees these days:

Mr X, who takes office on June 1, has promised to continue Party Y's free-market policies, which have included privatization of state-run industries, adopting the U.S. dollar as the nation's currency and negotiating a free-trade agreement between Region Z and the United States. He said in the interview that he would "be ready to consider" any U.S. request to keep the Country Z's troops in Iraq beyond their current commitment, which ends in June. And he has pledged to seek more programs for the poor, who make up about half the population, according to official statistics.
If you want to understand why Leftists are acting with the lunatic fear of those whose neighbors are all turning into pod people, imagine that paragraph multiplied by 50 or 100! And keep in mind that "Party Y's free-market policies" actually work, producing prosperity with clockwork regularity, while the Left produces poverty with the same dependability.

Also consider that lefties are still today citing Country Z as an example of "the US always supports corrupt dictators," even though Country Z has been electing its leaders for several decades! That's desperation folks!

Country Z is El Salvador, by the way. And you might think that leftizoids would be rushing to exploit that 50% of the population that is poor. Except that everybody there knows that the figure used to be more like 80%. You're looking at DOOM for the world's Socialists.

There will always be Socialism of course, (though the name will change from time to time) because it's the philosophy of those who feel they are better than ordinary people, and should be telling them what to do (for their own good, of course.) There's an impulse for that in every human heart.

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Posted by John Weidner at March 27, 2004 5:03 PM
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