March 26, 2004

The game is called Good Cop/Bad Cop

From the the Australian site Syria seeks our help to woo US

By John Kerin March 27, 2004
SYRIA has appealed to Australia to use its close ties with Washington to help the Arab nation shake off its reputation as a terrorist haven and repair its relations with the US.

Secret talks between the two nations have been under way for months but have become more urgent as rogue nations reconsider their role in allowing terrorists to thrive, in light of the US determination to take pre-emptive military action....

This must be a frightfully bad time to be on the Left. Just as you are getting your latest Bush is a Fascist message polished up and ready for a roll-out, the duplicitous bastard starts putting the squeeze on yet another real fascist dictator! What a spoil-sport! I guess all a poor Bolshie can do is hope he runs out of genocidal tyrants pretty soon....

Posted by John Weidner at March 26, 2004 8:32 PM
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