March 20, 2004

Put your money where your mouth is...

You know how the Democrats go on and on about how vitally important our traditional alliances are? Well, this made me sit up and think... Blaster writes:

Wouldn't it be smarter ...

For the Democrats to recognize that alliances are two-way, and call on our European allies to be allies? They could still stick it to Bush and say "despite our cowboy President blah blah blah, but the future is too important, why don't you guys support us because success is too important to let our alliances fall by the wayside?"

Democrats are always claiming that their being chummy with European leaders and appreciating their nuanced shades of gray means that they could do a better job of diplomacy and alliance-tending, and save America from the catatrophic isolation that results from electing Republicans...So why wait? Your country needs you now--here's your chance to shine!

Of course some skeptix types might suggest that Democrats might prefer that America have difficulties, just to improve their electoral chances...But surely they wouldn't sink so low.

Or that countries like France and Germany favor Democrats because they expect that they won't actually do anything or ask for any help. And that F & G would no more help Kerry overthrow a genocidal fascist dictator who lines their pockets, than they would help Bush...Nahhh. I refuse to believe such cynical things.

Seriously, Kerry did request that Spain reconsider removing forces from Iraq. Which was highly credible of him. But if he wanted a break from campaigning, he should have hopped a plane to Spain and made a real push. If he failed, at least he would have shown himself to be a serious guy. And if he succeeded, he would have an actual accomplishment to brag about!

Posted by John Weidner at March 20, 2004 5:26 PM
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