March 18, 2004

Maybe NOT Spanish cowardice...

Maybe, just maybe, confused people being stampeded by a well-organized leftist disinformation campaign, aided by a press as rotten as ours.....

From Franco Alemán, Barcelona, Spain (blogging at Tim Blair)

3-10: PP was comfortably ahead in the polls. the only doubt was how big they would win.

3-11: you know what happened.

3-11 to 3-14: a massive disinformation campaign to put the blame on the PP, with rival PSOE and their friendly media disseminating false rumours (suicide bomber, intel services were angry at the gov't because they said they thought 99% probability it was Islamists since the very beginning, etc) and then shouting 'coverup, coverup'. Street agitation, accusation "the govt lies if they don't arrest the bad guys in 24 hours" (really, they did say that), and contravening the electoral law forbidding political propaganda the day before the election. Opposition leaders asking for the resignation of the government, because 'it lied',... THE NIGHT BEFORE THE ELECTION and saying the results wouldn't be legitimate if Aznar didn't appear in a special session in Parliament ON THE NIGHT BEFORE THE ELECTION. 'Spontaneous' rallies in front of PP's offices across Spain shouting and insulting, pot-banging. 1 office burned down. Physical assaults all over. PSOE-friendly media: "what do you know, there are demos EXACTLY in that place at that time; encouraging them? moi?" PSOE officials saying 'we know things that the government isn't telling' without offering any evidence.

3-14: PSOE wins

Quite clear, isn't it? Yes, some minor mistakes in being a bit too blunt blaming ETA were made the first 3 hours by the interior minister, and were quickly corrected. In fact, critics knew about the Islamic connection only after the minister held a press conference about it. It was then whan the opposition, who had been saying 'yes, it's ETA but let's not use this atrocity to blame anyone politically, just the murderers', started precisely to use the atrocity and blame it directly on the government rather than on the murderers when they Islamic clue appeared, as they saw they could inflame the public opinion.

Guys, this country looked a bit like Venezuela that night.

For the record: I am not questioning the democratic result itself: people voted, and the ballot count was unimpeachable. But it there was manipulation and lies, well, they were done by the opposition.

BTW earlier today, all relevant intel docs have been declassified and show that, indeed, for the first hours they thought it was ETA until they later knew about the Islamic clue. This is exactly what the government had been telling all along.

Thank you Andrea, for this one.

I don't know if it's true, but it has the smell of truth. I mean, how many thousands of recent stories could be filed under the summary: Lefties try to get votes by undermining War on Terror? And probably sub-titled: Reported by bloggers, ignored by press...

Can one dare to dream of a backlash in Spain? I won't get my hopes up yet. (I'll just hug to myself the comforting thought that the backlash in the USA is a mighty movement that's been growing for decades. And each terrorist massacre that happens causes another hundred-thousand or so Americans to think about which party Al Queda would prefer, and then vote the opposite.) But I'll sleep better tonight...

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