March 17, 2004

with targets on their backs...

 From Kerry's speech today:

"Today we know that the mission is not finished, hostilities have not ended, and our men and women in uniform fight on almost alone with the target squarely on their backs," Kerry said at George Washington University. "Every day they face danger and death from suicide bombers, roadside bombers, and now, ironically, from the very Iraqi police they are training."
What's wrong with this picture? American soldier. Standing. Passive. Big target painted on back.

That was somewhat true, BEFORE 9/11. That was somewhat true, IN THE CLINTON YEARS.

It's not true now. WE are attacking. American forces are hunting terrorists all around the globe. In the Sahara, in Afghanistan, in the Philippines, Iraq, Yemen, and almost certainly in many places we don't even know about."...the mission is not finished, hostilities have not ended..."

OF COURSE it's not ended, you dimwit. We haven't killed all our enemies yet. Your President said it will be a long and difficult struggle. (Unless the Democrats get into power. Then it will be a short and inglorious one.)

Remember 6 months ago, when supply convoys were being ambushed in Iraq? That tactic didn't last long, because the convoys took to stopping and attacking the ambushers. Who was wearing the target?

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