March 12, 2004

Crossing your fingers behind your back doesn't work...

THIS is a parody or send-up of a recent Bush campaign ad, called 100 Days. As a joke it's pretty funny.

But the author seems to regard his piece as some sort of serious criticism or statement. And that's just pathetic. It's an example of defensiveness carried to an extreme that reveals far more about the parodist than about the subject of the parody.

It's interesting what's left out. The theme of the ad is "Kerry: wrong on the war, wrong on taxes." But the parody doesn't even mention taxes, and hardly mentions Kerry! (And I'll grant that having a dark-skinned person shown while mentioning terrorism is a valid target of criticism. I wouldn't do it. But that's only about one second of the ad, and I don't think that's what's bothering the parodist either.)

It's because the ad says George Bush is a strong leader in the War on Terror— that's what's driven this guy over the edge. Why? It's the obvious Bush position, and has been for 3 years—it's no big shockeroo. But the writer says in his preface "It is a parody of something very ugly, and so it apes this ugliness."

How so? I don't think he's speaking as a pacifist. And it's not like the ad says we should drag terrorists from their caves and chop them into little pieces with machetes. Why is it ugly? Why is it vile?

I think the problem is the most Lefties are fudging. They are fudging their positions because they are trying to sell things the voters don't want to buy.

Well, it's easy to fudge if the subject is one like taxes. Most people will never understand that taxing the rich won't help the poor. And Democrat politicians always fudge the question of just who the "rich" are, and they get away with it.

But that doesn't cut it for the War. Crossing your fingers behind your back doesn't work. Not when your countrymen are getting shot at and blown up by terrorists. Americans are shining bright lights on our politicians (and bloggers on their fellow bloggers) and expecting clear answers. Leftists loathe that. They are wriggling and squirming and trying desperately to escape the trap.

They just hate it! And so they try to distract us by portraying President Bush as some kind of lunatic Rambo or feckless warmonger (Fooling no one but themselves.) And they went apeshit when he appeared in a flight suit. And when he visited the troops at Thanksgiving.

Why? Because Bush as war leader forces them to confront a question that can't be fudged...

Posted by John Weidner at March 12, 2004 8:11 PM
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