March 11, 2004

land of the free and home of the ingrates...

That splendid woman Michelle Malkin writes ringingly in defense of John Ashcroft:

...Every single time Ashcroft has brought charges against jihadists in America, he has been mocked and vilified. Every single time he has tightened the screws on Islamic terror recruitment and financing, he has been lambasted as a racist. Every single time they have been arrested, the defendants have proclaimed their absolute innocence. And each time Ashcroft has won convictions against them -- neutralizing terror cells in Lackawanna, N.Y., Portland, Detroit, and now northern Virginia -- he has been met with more condemnation and derision.

John Ashcroft has nobly taken on the grueling job of protecting a nation of ingrates who take joy in his illness while terrorists continue to plot to kill us all. God bless you, Attorney General, and get well soon. America, land of the free and home of the thankless, needs you back....

God bless you, Attorney General. I'll second that.

We should also value John Ashcroft because he is a gentleman. Remember his Senate race? Remember when his opponent, Mel Carnahan, died? And Ashcroft chivalrously suspended his own campaigning for a week? And then the governor of Missouri said that the dead man would stay on the ballot, with his wife to be appointed if he "won." That was a ludicrous and almost certainly illegal usurpation, but Ashcroft doffed his hat and let it stand. A classy guy.

And when you contrast that with the death of Paul Wellstone, with "Democrats" turning his very memorial service into a political rally, and booing Republicans who came to pay their respects...yeech. Just thinking about those pygmies makes me feel dirty. How low they've sunk.

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