March 10, 2004

Stunted a generation...

When certain people pour scorn on the "axis of Evil" concept, and on regime-change, and claim it would be wrong for us to interfere with a sovereign nation, or act without the permission of the UN, or ruffle-up the Treaty of Westphalia...This is what they are trying to preserve, THIS is what they are FOR:

March 9, 2004: A decade of famine in North Korea, which has killed about ten percent of the population, has also stunted a generation. Until a few years ago, the North Korean army rejected any young man who was not at least five feet three inches tall. No more. Visitors note that more and more of the young soldiers they see appear to be the size of children (under five feet tall.) More worrisome to South Koreans, and something that is not discussed publicly, is the effect of malnutrition on IQ. It is known that children who suffer malnutrition when they are young, do less well in school and have more discipline problems. Some 500 North Korean children have made it to South Korea since the famine began, and they have had trouble in school. North Korean refugees who go to South Korean universities, drop out 80 percent of the time. Some of this poor academic performance can be attributed to the disruption, to the education system up north, by the famine. But the North Korean kids score lower on all sorts of tests. The South Korean government won't release statistics, but observers estimate that the Northern children born since the famine began a decade ago are three or more inches shorter than their counterparts down south....
Of course serious problems should come gay marriage, or outsourcing.

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