March 10, 2004

Just like here...

I once read an anecdote, I think Isaac Asimov told it about a once-skinny friend. The friend said: "All my life my mother complained that I was too thin—until the day she switched over and started complaining that I was too fat. I don't think there was a single day when she thought I was just right."

It's the same way with the newsmedia, when Republicans are in charge. The economy is always dismal, there's homelessness and joblessness and despair. When at last the awkward day comes that economic good news can no longer be denied, they flip instantly into lamentations about how greed and capitalism are destroying all that was once charming and simple!

Now it's the same with Iraq! Look at this WaPo article Iraqi Holy Cities Bow to a Capitalist Impulse! Shi'ite pilgrimage towns are booming as Iranians flood in—both to pray and to shop. It's sad, it's lamentable, the quiet charm is gone...greed and materialism are corrupting the people...

Well sure. There's a lot to be said for sleepy and charming places (assuming you are not one of the sleepy locals doing nothing because you're broke.) But if Clinton or Gore were President, we wouldn't be hearing how greed is spoiling Karbala. No sir. Remember the "Decade of Greed?" The 80's, the Reagan/Bush years? So why weren't the 90's called: "The Decade of Even Greedier?" The boom made the 80's look serene...But since a Democrat was in the White House, a capitalist feeding-frenzy was no bad thing.

Posted by John Weidner at March 10, 2004 1:29 PM
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