March 5, 2004

"at best naivete and at worst dereliction..."

This is not a time to err on the side of caution; not a time to weigh the risks to an infinite balance; not a time for the cynicism of the worldly wise who favour playing it long.

Their worldly wise cynicism is actually at best naivete and at worst dereliction...
-- Tony Blair

read it all, great speech.

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I was just thinking again about how the the Dems are howling "foul" because Bush put a reference (brief and tasteful) to 9/11 in one of his new ads.

Boy oh boy oh boy...They are just really lucky I'm not the one cooking up ads for the Bush campaign. I got all kindsa ideas that would make Kerry choke on his crouton.

Ad opens: Murky swirling clouds of gray ash or dust.

Gradually ghostly figures become visible.

We dimly see that they are firemen and policemen, moving from right to left across the screen.

They are leading or carrying victims, and hastening to escape the choking clouds.

One fireman lingers, as the others vanish. He approaches the camera; he is nightmarishly caked with ash.

He raises a hand towards us, and begins to write with his finger. We realize we are looking through a dust-coated window.

He writes in the dust: NEVER FORGET.

Ad closes with: Bush/Cheney 2004

* Update: Betsy Newmark has a picture of a 1944 FDR campaign button. What does it say? "Remember Pearl Harbor"

* Update: Lileks is much better at the game of inventing Bush ads:

....Some say we should have listened to our allies.” A stock shot of Marcel Marceau in full-mime makeup, pretending to be trapped in a box. “Some people are a little too worried about what the waiter will think the next time they take a trip to Paris.” Shot of a Kerry lookalike in a bistro, saying “No, really, I’m Canadian.”....

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