March 5, 2004

Bloggers on the case...

Poliblog makes some good points on the suspicious nature of the "outrage" generated by images of 9/11 in the Bush ad spots.

...Also, Michael Medved raised an interesting point: how did the press find, so quickly, outraged families of 911 victims within approximately 24-48 hours of the commercials airing, and why does that rate as the top story on the newswires (as I type it is the main story at the Yahoo News politics section, via the AP and is also a top story at Reuters)? It seems unlikely that there was sufficient outrage generated in that brief a time for the AP and Reuters to discover the story without looking for it. Rather, it seems fairly obvious that some reporters sought out victims' families to interview and ran with those who are outraged....
I'd guess they didn't have to seek them out, that the "news" was pre-packaged for them.

The post is also an interesting example of how blog commenters can add useful information to a story.

One person narrows down the timing—it sure looks like the press was prepared with outrage-prone people before the spots even ran. Another points out that most of those quoted are members of a lefty group that opposed even the invasion of Afghanistan. Bit of sampling-error there, eh?

A third commenter points out that not all of the outraged are from the fringes—that the The International Association of Fire Fighters called the ads "disgraceful." Then a fourth person points out that the President of the IAFF just happens to be the co-chair of Kerry's campaign!

(thanks to Betsy Newmark)

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