March 03, 2004

The World Turned Upside Down

Political realignments are rare things in American politics. They seem to happen about once every 70 years. The Republicans became the dominant party during the Civil War. That lasted until the 1930's, when the Democrats gained the majority position. Now we are obviously swinging back.

I would be interested to read about the reactions of those who weren't among the winners in these changes. There are lots of books about the New Dealers triumphant rise to power with Franklin Roosevelt, but I've never heard much about how ordinary Republicans reacted. Or Independents or others who didn't feel like they were part of the new "in group." It would be interesting to know, because the reactions I'm seeing to seem to be quite peculiar, and to simply loosing an election. Those of us who swim in Conservative schools have been talking about a realignment for decades, but I suspect a lot of other people have ignored the trends until now. And I suspect it was the 2002 elections that really woke people up, and woke up some odd bats from various belfries. 2000 looked so close that it was easy to disregard the signs of deep change. (Such as an incumbent VP in a time of peace and prosperity unable to carry his home state.)

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