March 1, 2004

"They never cite any case law or specific instances..."

Here's a good article on how the lunatic left is demonizing the Patriot Act without giving a damn whether or not anyone's rights are actually infringed

.... A platoon of "civil rights" groups have launched a lobbying offensive for the passage of local resolutions that denounce the Patriot Act and call for its repeal. In hysterical terms, these resolutions scream that civil liberties have been violated. Eager protesters, their beards graying with age, pack city council chambers to tell of the horrors they have read on the Internet.

They never cite any case law or specific instances of lost liberties. But they've duped more than 200 credulous city councils across the country into passing these resolutions. And now it's hit a dangerous extreme - crossing the line from denunciation to non-cooperation...

... Numerous challenges to the Patriot Act have been raised; and virtually all have been squarely rejected. To date, only one court (a federal district court in the Central District of California) has held any provision of the Act unconstitutional - and that in a highly contrived case in which no one was actually arrested for anything....

One could go on and on about this. When i think of those stupid librarians getting ready to defy Ashcroft's gestapo, without giving a damn that no library records have been seized, or are even likely to be; that it could only be done with a warrant, and is already legal in ordinary criminal cases...(and at the same time refusing to speak up for librarians imprisoned by Castro)....

How I hate those all fraudulent creeps.

Posted by John Weidner at March 1, 2004 9:07 AM
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