February 26, 2004

like spoons falling out of the burglar's pockets...

Alan Sullivan writes about the "implosion" of illicit nuclear arms programs as a result of the liberation of Iraq. Some of these things were new to me.

I wasn't aware that Pakistan's nuclear scientists are being mysteriously murdered, apparently to keep them from talking to us (Of course that would be great cover if WE we killing them.) And I wasn't aware that "...rumors are rife that President Musharraf has effectively surrendered his nuclear keys to Americans." Cool, if true.

Progress is being made. A LOT of progress. And it's happening because we invaded Iraq. As expected. The "neocon" plan; hit one rogue nation and things will start to shake loose. Like cops raiding a gang headquarters, we didn't know what we were going to find, but we knew there'd be something.

And, as usual, "activists" are swarming to defend the gang from "police brutality," though they never give a thought to the victims of gang brutality. And, as usual, they pretend to be worried about "constitutional rights." But what they really don't want is law and order, because it is a prerequisite to economic progress, and will lead to poor people escaping poverty, and escaping the need for a vast apparatus of welfare and government, all dominated by leftists.

It's just the same in the wider world. Leftists pretend to be shocked, SHOCKED that the President "lied to us" to justify invading Iraq, (with all the while WMD's appearing 'round the globe like silver spoons falling out of the burglar's clothes when they are shoved against a wall) But I remember a year ago those cries that Iraq was going to be ruined by Kentucky Fried Chicken! They pretend to care about the UN, or the Treaty of Westphalia, or the sanctity of "International Law." But those are lies; it's Bush, and bourgeois capitalism, and democracy, and the freedom to buy a bucket of KFC that they hate.

...None of this would have happened without the invasion of Iraq. Soldiers who fell in this cause died with honor. They have bought the world an opportunity to evolve toward more benign systems of governance. No matter what his failings in domestic policy, Bush the Younger has earned the approbation of history....

* Correction: I goofed, it's Iraqi nuclear scientists who are being murdered...

Posted by John Weidner at February 26, 2004 8:10 AM
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