February 25, 2004

No risky leap to the next step up...

Wretchard writes:

...In the two generations since the end of the Second World War more than a billion people were abandoned to anarchies and tyrannies euphemistically called "developing nations". Most of them, little more than a stamp and a seat at the United Nations, have already ceased to function -- the 50 "stateless zones" of Tenet's speech. If left to the leadership of men like Osama Bin Laden, these steerless multitudes can snuff out the living nations, as growing entropy blots out a system. The logical response would be to seize control of the movement ourselves, to raise the disaffected masses against their own tyrants. It is step President Bush has vowed to take but it is so audacious and regarded so cynically by the left that it would be a wonder if the world actually took the only path that can save it...
Fortunately, though the Left is cynical and wants desperately to halt the march of freedom, it has nothing to say. No plans, no dreams, no hopes. Only endless sour complaints (that they won't defend in the arena of ideas.)

The next time you hear someone say "Bush lied," remember that what they are really saying is: "I have nothing positive to offer. No vision of hope. No plan for progress. No risky leap to the next step up..."

Posted by John Weidner at February 25, 2004 8:17 PM
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