February 25, 2004

A bigger threat than Osama...

Cori Dauber comments on today's NYT:

...What does it take for people to take this seriously? The top three intelligence people in the country (the head of DIA was there as well) just said that we are in as great a risk of attack as we were last year, and of course last year we were in great a risk as the year before. Why does no one seem to want to pay attention? Why isn't this front page news? Someone is crazy here, and I don't think it's me. We have just been told we're at risk of another terrorist attack and that doesn't seem to grasp the media's attention. That just staggers me. It makes me want to grab someone by the lapels and shake them. WHAT ABOUT THIS STORY IS DIFFICULT FOR YOU TO UNDERSTAND? WHYT ISN'T THIS YOUR TOP PRIORITY? WHY DO I SEEM TO BE THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS THIS IS IMPORTANT?...
What's important is to hurt Bush. Since terrorist fears would help him, they aren't "news."

The hate (and I use the word advisedly, because I think it fits the facts�if I'm wrong give me some evidence) these people feel for Bush has nothing to do with rational argument or facts. If 50 Scuds loaded with VX were found in Basra tomorrow, neither the NYT nor any of the "Bush lied" crowd would apologize or change their thinking in the least.

Their visceral loathing of Bush is because he symbolizes the thing they want most to avoid�that in a democracy the vote of the person who mops the floor counts just as much as the votes of journalists or intellectuals.

The New York Times has been called the"Flagship of the Eastern Liberal Establishment." It's been, for a century or more, a bulwark of the idea that, even though the masses can vote, the nation is really guided by a smaller group characterized by good breeding, taste, and intellect.

And their visceral loathing of Bush is because he symbolizes just the opposite. And not just symbolizes; his domestic program is built around the theme of giving choice to ordinary people in many areas where they are now under government control. And he's pushed his program tenaciously from the beginning. It's no wonder that collectivists everywhere see Bush as a bigger threat than Osama...

Posted by John Weidner at February 25, 2004 10:59 AM
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