February 21, 2004

Somebody's thinking..

AOG writes:

I came up with a great money making idea, for anyone out there looking to score some cash.

In corporate America today, there are plenty of �diversity� programs that attempt to hire more minorities of various types. The key question is, what makes some one a member of these minorities? It seems to be the case that it�s primarily self-identification: if you tell the corporate recruiter that you�re [ethnic], then you are as far as the corporation is concerned. I�ve looked for years and never found any legal basis for determining or disputing such a claim. However, the problem is that the recruiter can�t ask you and it seems a bit awkward to blurt it out. The standard technique is to have a key award on your resume that indicates your ethnicity.

Here�s the idea - sell those awards! You set up a website as an institute or foundation, make up some blather (or copyright infringe it from some other website). Once you�ve got that set up, you charge people an �entrance fee� for participating in a contest for an ethnic award. Oddly, it turns out that every one who applies wins! Then the participant can honestly put on their resume �won Best [ethnic] Rising Star Award, 2004�. Of course, you�d need a set of stock phrases for the award, with a few web pages for each. Charge $20 or $50 for the entrance fee and go....

What's needed is a disadvantaged ethnic group with blonde hair and blue eyes...

Posted by John Weidner at February 21, 2004 4:36 PM
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