February 17, 2004

"My art teacher would hate it!"

It makes my head spin to think about the scorn that our intelligentsia and "artists" would heap on this if it ever came to their attention. It won't of course, since the members of the newsmedia are part of the same club, and shield us from such things...I took the pix from a 4ID web-site (link). My daughter saw this and instantly said, "My art teacher would hate it!"

Statue of kneeling American soldier, by Iraqi artist Kalat

FORWARD OPERATING BASE, Tikrit, Iraq � When he was forced to fashion statues of Saddam Hussein on horseback, the Iraqi sculptor had no idea that someday he would melt them down to create a memorial for American soldiers....�The toppled statues were cut up into pieces by members of the 555th Engineer Group and spirited quietly to the artist, Kalat, who reshaped the chunks of bronze into a likeness of an American soldier being comforted by a small girl as he mourns a fallen comrade....

...The artist, who fears retaliation from former regime loyalists for his work with the Coalition, spent several months sculpting and casting the statue. Though he created the original statues of Saddam along with another artist, he created the 4th ID memorial through his own design, said Anderson.

�����The sculpture is based on a scene many in Iraq have witnessed in one form or another. A soldier kneels before a memorial of boots, rifle and helmet � his forehead resting in the hollow of his hand. Behind and to his right stands a small Iraqi girl with her hand reaching out to touch his shoulder....

Well the Weidners thank you, Kalat, and to hell with "Art."

(Thanks to Brian Tiemann, who had a good comment: "You won't be seeing this in Doonesbury anytime soon." )

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