February 5, 2004

"A closing net of doom"--Churchill

President Bush gave a speech yesterday at the opening of an exhibit in Sir Winston Churchill's honor at the Library of Congress. PowerLine comments:

...These are excerpts; the speech is worth reading in its entirety. Very few, of course, will read the President's inspiring words. Most, if they hear of his speech at all, will receive it through the media filter, as in this Reuters account, which begins: "Casting himself and British Prime Minister Tony Blair as the spiritual heirs of Winston Churchill, President Bush defended their decision to go to war against Iraq, despite the unraveling of U.S. and British claims relating to Iraq's banned weapons." You get the picture.

But for those who actually listen to the President, it is easy to recall why he has been, and may yet be, for some time, the greatest spokesman for freedom of our generation...

Amen, brother.

Posted by John Weidner at February 5, 2004 2:15 PM
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