February 4, 2004


Concerning the "satirical" anti-Republican photo exhibit at Lehigh Universiity that Steven den Beste writes about. Conservative students shouldn't make complaints, that's a game you can't win. Either it's "Art," and so criticism is censorship. Or it's "satire," and whatsa matta, you got no sense of humor?

What they should do is fudge-up their own photo exhibition. And guess what, it could be a lot closer to "true." Clinton with Lewinsky, of course. Lieberman voiding the absentee-ballots of overseas servicepeople. Bull Connor as member of the DNC, (as he was)...

I vaguely remember something like this from a few years back. Leftist students created some sort of Apartheid shantytown, blaming Capitalism for South Africa's problems. Complaints were ignored, so Conservative students countered by building a 'Berlin Wall," with their own propaganda. The administration immediately decided that all such displays were unacceptable.

Posted by John Weidner at February 4, 2004 7:19 AM
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