February 3, 2004

"a junk science-fueled attack"

From Fox, a debunking by Steven Milloy (of JunkScience.com)

Already-confused dieters are no doubt reeling from reports this week of a new study linking a high-carbohydrate diet with weight loss.

Rather than well-conducted scientific research, though, the new study appears to be merely a junk science-fueled attack by government nannies on politically incorrect low-carbohydrate regimens like the Atkins Diet.

�In the midst of the low-carb craze, a new study suggests that by eating lots of carbohydrates and little fat, it is possible to lose weight without actually cutting calories ? and without exercising, either,� reported The Associated Press this week.

�Revenge of the High-Carb Diet ? Ha! It Works, Too� was the Reuters headline.

But unlike the sensationalistic media, which tend to limit their reporting of new study claims to regurgitated press releases and sound bites from study authors, I actually read the study in the Jan. 26 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine.

It didn�t take long to discover why study subjects on the high-carbohydrate diet�lost weight ? they ate fewer calories!...

The Atkins Diet evolved and grew popular outside the walls of Big Government and Big Science. So the "nannies" hate it and attack it instinctively, just as they hate any sort of privatization. (Thanks to Craig Newmark

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