January 29, 2004

wrap-around guys...

Here's a little more from Omar Masry in Bagdhad. (no permalinks, Jan. 29, 2004)

...As for some of the newer soldiers, they amuse when they show up wearing wrap around dark sunglasses. We used to wear them at first but found that you need to be able to establish eye contact with Iraqis if you want to convey your message, whether its while stuck in traffic or discussing issues outside the Amanat (city hall). One newer brigade commander, a Colonel, tried to come off as real hardcore to us and the locals. He wouldn't wave at any of the Iraqis as we gave him a orientation ride. We get stuck in traffic over near the downtown market district and a little girl walks up and says "I love you", amazingly the facade broke and he cracked a smile, even mustered a "salam" back....��

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