January 29, 2004

My posts are accurate (measured by the Gilligan Standard)

Best of the Web notes:

...Meanwhile, the Press Association, a British wire service, quotes a document Gilligan submitted to the Hutton inquiry, in which Gilligan argued that reporters should be allowed a "margin for error": "It is important to have in mind that in the context of political reporting, it can be right to report matters, even if it later turns out that they are untrue."...
Republicans, of course, do not have a "margin of error." Any inaccuracy or mistake is a LIE, and a scandal.

Perhaps we bloggers, when indulging in the almost daily ritual of pointing out errors and omissions in the work of the NYT, BBC, etc, should note that, under the Gilligan Margin of Error Standard, deliberately distorting the news to aid a left-wing agenda is considered to be acceptable.

Posted by John Weidner at January 29, 2004 1:13 PM
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