January 29, 2004

"a pint of sack and a pint of claret"

So cool! Pepys Diary recreated as a weblog!. (Heres an article about it. Thanks to Orrin Judd) All the people and things of interest have links to comments pages. And people are beginning to fill in the comments with information!

You can still get in on the ground floor, this is January of 1660, when the diary begins. Sam Pepys (pronounced "peeps") is young and obscure, but with good connections. he is a fac totem for his cousin Edward Montague, a rising man involved at the moment with engineering the restorationn of the King.

At the office all the morning; dined at home, and after dinner to Fleet Street, with my sword to Mr. Brigden(lately made Captain of the Auxiliaries) to be refreshed, and with him to an ale-house, where I met Mr. Davenport; and after some talk of Cromwell, Ireton and Bradshaw�s bodies being taken out of their graves to-day,1 I went to Mr. Crew�s and thence to the Theatre, where I saw again �The Lost Lady,� which do now please me better than before; and here I sitting behind in a dark place, a lady spit backward upon me by a mistake, not seeing me, but after seeing her to be a very pretty lady, I was not troubled at it at all. Thence to Mr. Crew�s, and there met Mr. Moore, who came lately to me, and went with me to my father�s, and with him to Standing�s, whither came to us Dr. Fairbrother, who I took and my father to the Bear and gave a pint of sack and a pint of claret.

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