January 28, 2004

Bargaining chips...

From Ha'aretz, about the terrorist scum being released as "bargaining chips."

Germany has promised to release another "bargaining chip," Lebanese national Muhammad Ali Hamadi, a Hezbollah operative who is serving a life sentence for the murder of American navy diver Robbie Stethem, from Waldorf, Maryland, in Beirut in June 1985. Stethem was a passenger aboard a TWA plane that was hijacked in Athens; he was tortured and murdered in Beirut's airport. Hamadi was arrested two years later in Germany, while trying to smuggle explosives. An indictment was issued against Mughniyeh as well for the Stethem murder; and the U.S. government offered a $25 million reward to anyone responsible for the capture of the Hezbollah terror mastermind...
I HATE this bilge. It should never ever have been tolerated. It is WRONG for us to tolerate the murder of an American Officer. It should not even be thinkable to kill an American. The very mildest response to a first-offense should be to kill a hundred of those terrorist slimesuckers. Second time, a thousand.

If we can't find them, we should kill their families or their friends. If we can't find them, then kill some of the fatuous ninnies who always dote on terrorist psychopaths. (Let the BBC walk in fear...)

* Update: Gary notes that "I'm a little over the top."

I am, to be sure. (But what's the use of having a blog if you can't let out a Dean-scream now and then?)

But it just drives me nuts�terrorists slaughter civilians, women and children, blow restaraunts to shreds with bombs stuffed with scrap-metal, and we are supposed to "understand" them and their angst.

If America or Israel fight back wth the same sort of violence, we are "war criminals."

The same crowd is equally indifferent when some murderer is on a killing spree. The poor victims don't even exist for them (unless it's happening in their neighborhood). But once the killer is heading to Death Row, that's "murder," and there are protests and candle-light vigils.

[A certain lefty-screwball invited a group we belong to to a "candle-light vigil" to protest the invasion of Iraq! My blogging and fisking skills enabled me to counterblaste with an instantaneous e-mail to the group which scotched the idea, (and brought me warm thanks from various people who hadn't felt able to speak up.) So perhaps all my huffing and puffing here hasn't been a waste of time!]

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