January 27, 2004

Our left-leaning donor-base is more important than the people of Iraq...

"Human Rights Watch" feels the liberation of Iraq wasn't justified�there wasn't enough slaughter and torture going on. Having children tortured to extract confessions from their parents was too trifling to justify contamination with Right-Wing cooties. Lordy, what a bunch of phonies they are.

To that crowd, a problem is not something you solve, it's something you use to raise funds, and to justify "programs" and "studies." And to build cushy careers untainted with Capitalism and ugly competition. And use to make yourself feel superior to crass Texans and Republicans and other low forms of life. Being a member of "Human Rights Watch" is like being a member of a museum or ballet society, the badge of a self-styled elite.

...Another Human Rights Watch criterion was whether war would make life better for the population being invaded. While life was better for Iraqis today, he said "the jury is still out" on whether life was going to be significantly better for Iraq's people than it had been under Saddam...
'tis a keen pleasure to think of all those Latté Liberals being out of power for the next generation or two, at least here in the US. And them having to watch in frustration while many of their cherished "problems" are being hacked to pieces and eliminated in a new Texas chainsaw massacre...

But be of good cheer, you bloated toads. Eventually the magic of Capitalization and Globalization will lift the Iraqis into comfortable self-satisfied affluence, and they will be faced with the problem of how to feel superior to their fellow citizens. Then they will want to join "Human Rights Watch," and, like the French, look down their noses at their liberators. (And they'll drink latté, or whatever's in fashion, and laugh at people who drink coffee.) 20 or 30 years ought to do it.

(via Jeff Jarvis)

Posted by John Weidner at January 27, 2004 9:43 AM
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