January 22, 2004

Get ready for the lies...

President Bush mentioned personal Social Security accounts again, and one can be sure that he will be pushing them. In fact, I recall that that was one of his campaign promises.(Poor naive old-fashioned fellow, he actually seems to think that a promise is a promise.) It will be very good news for this country. In fact the numbers that are being run on this look astonisingly good...

But get ready for the lie. Scoundrel Democrats are already saying that Bush wants Granny to put her retirement nest-egg into Enron. Actually, there is no possibility of a plan passing that does not require investments to be prudently diversified. Index funds are being suggested as possible vehicles. People will not be allowed to put their SS dollars into cocoa futures. And all this won't even apply to Granny, she's too old.

It's a nonsensical lie, but expect to hear a lot of it from our Democrat friends. (Josh Marshall will doubtless find a more subtle subtle way to slip in the same evil blade.)

Posted by John Weidner at January 22, 2004 11:16 AM
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