January 20, 2004

Really? Why?

I think I like this gal, Juliette Ochieng (thanks to Rosemary)

...Those against the proposal raised some valid concerns�there are things here on Earth that require more immediate fiscal attention--though, in my opinion, their reasons often lacked vision. But that�s not what this post is about.

In a particularly heated point in the exchange, McDonald managed to silence her male colleagues by invoking that great silencer of American men everywhere (a paraphrase; pen and paper will be on my night table from now on): �You men have to let the woman speak now!�

Really? Why? Was her opinion more important, more valid just because she�s the owner of a vagina, a uterus, a set of ovaries and a set of breasts?

The frightening part is that the guys did shut up and let her speak.

Now, as many know from reading my musings, I spent two decades in the military and, were those that have known me to give a description of my personality, I�d imagine that the phrase �shrinking violet� would never come up. There have been times in which I�ve had to exert some assertiveness and aggressiveness to allow myself to be heard. Such is life for a woman who works among mostly men. However, what got me about McDonald�s tactic was that she felt that she deserved to be heard solely because she�s a woman, not because she had a unique perspective on the subject discussed...

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