January 19, 2004

"Iraq 2.0"

Omar Masry is an American with Arab parents serving with an Army Civil Affairs unit in Iraq. I like his blog, called Iraq 2.0

Watching TV news about Iraq your usually subjected to three main themes: raids, soldiers standing around a street, and aftermath of a car bomb or roadside explosion. What you don't see is manuever commander (someone in charge of an area) of units running tankers in front of others in line for fuel at refineries so they can get more supplies for their respective neighborhoods.

You don't see captains normally trained to drive the most advanced tanks in the world pulling over a trash truck to see if it really is being used to clean up trash in the neighborhood he's working in. You don't see a Major normally assigned to a Cavalry Regiment giving a presentation on how hes working to move internal refugees out of buildings to be handed over to Iraqi ministries with slide graphics that consist mostly of pictures of Iraqi kids. Normally his graphics would be infantry formations or flanking moves, instead theres a picture of him giving a male sheikh the traditional arab customary kiss on the cheek. Briefings that would normally be preceded by a call to attention as the commander walks in are sometimes replaced with the Iraqi translator giving his/her "5 arabic phrases to learn today" lesson.

I dont think they could ever really make a good American movie about Iraq because so much here isn't black and white (good vs. evil) like American movies tend to portray; its infinite shades of gray, where so many decent and honorable Iraqis are paralyzed by fear and too many of the corrupt minority fashion themselves as sheep's in wolf's clothing...(Jan. 5, '04, no permalinks )

It's sure not the same Army we had when I was growing up...

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