January 19, 2004

Fellow of the Institute ...

One hears rumors of how State Department types get bought off by the Saudis, but here's an actual example I wasn't aware of:

....Second, the Democrats want these guys to stay credible, because they will always be there to criticize hawkish Republican proposals. Joseph Wilson is a prime example of this. He got a cushy job at the Middle East Institute after he left the government. The Middle East Institute, by the way, gets $200,000 of its $1.5 million annual budget directly from the Saudi government, and an undisclosed amount from Saudi individuals.
Hmmm. Do any of you RJ readers have contacts in the House of Saud? Could you just let them know that some of their critics in the Blogosphere might become a lot friendlier, if we were, you know, treated with consideration? Appreciated?

Or maybe I should just organize something, and then apply for funding. It doesn't have to be real; I'm sure prince Bandar doesn't expect Joe Wilson to crank out scholarly papers on neocolonialism. I suppose I would need an accommodation address in DC, and a fancy letterhead with crescents and scimitars and such. I could call it MERE; Middle Eastern Research Enterprise...I'll be the Director, various other warbloggers will be Fellows... (Maybe we should wear fezzes, to give the right flavor.) It's a cinch we will be more creative than State, and think up tons of good reasons to do nothing, and to leave the Middle East just like it is.

But probably we will prove to be less pliable than the willows in Foggy Bottom, and will not bend to just any breeze. A strong wind of appreciation will be needed.

Posted by John Weidner at January 19, 2004 9:36 AM
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