January 17, 2004

Of course Kim is a brutal dictator, BUT...

Here's a story I don't feel like quoting much of...

There is a cell in Nongpo prison where they take the women whose babies are to be killed.

As in the other cells, the women are packed so tightly they can only crouch, squeezing together, for sleep. There is no room to lie down, so when one of the women goes into labour, the others stand up to make space...(via Judd)

One thing that's become obvious to those who are not intentionally blind, is that President Bush is not your usual BS politician. If he says something, he means it. He included (for good reasons) North Korea in the Axis of Evil.

He hasn't forgotten! The issue isn't going to go away!

SO, sure as the sun rises,

We get to look forward to...

The very same cast of idiots who pulled for Saddam and dote on Castro....

Defending Kim Jong Il from the horrors of American hegemony....(NOW will probably defend Nongpo Prison's late-term abortion rights)

'tis amazing how deja vu seems to repeat itself over and over.

Posted by John Weidner at January 17, 2004 12:11 PM
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