January 16, 2004

Let's hear it for those brave, principled librarians who oppose the Ashcroft tyranny

Librarians ignore plea of Cuban prisoners

The American Library Association refused to respond yesterday to a plea from independent book lenders imprisoned in Cuba to demand that dictator Fidel Castro release them and end a crackdown on free expression.

...14 members of Cuba's Independent Library project were arrested last March on charges that included making available the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and books such as George Orwell's "Animal Farm."...

...Members of the task force, comprised of members from the ALA's Intellectual Freedom Committee and International Relations Committee, felt their report "finesses" the complex Cuban situation, said Schneider.

She added, ALA councilors called on the task force to "stay away" from foreign relations. Members of the association who lobbied strongly for a resolution calling for the prisoners' release found that request ironic.

They point to the ALA's strong pronouncements in the past on issues such as the plight of Palestinian libraries and apartheid in South Africa.

During the time of South Africa's apartheid regime, the ALA refused to send books to the country....(via Betsy Newmark)

Utter phonies. I hate them so. I used to own a bookshop, and encountered the same types. People who actually owned bookstores and blamed their problems on "Capitalism."

'Their report "finesses" the complex Cuban situation.' That's sure nothing new. When did the Left start "finessing" their various police states? About 1917?

There's nothing "complex" about Cuba�it's very simple. Put theorists in charge, and people have to be forced to act like the theory predicts. (I have this sneaking suspicion that something similar might happen if Libertarians were put in power.) Lenin started it, and ever since it's been "boiler suits and a long march to nowhere." (That's a line from that turkey John Le Carré. Great writer, though I hates to admit it.)

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