January 15, 2004

Sticking to their guns ...

Here's an interesting article from the battle against the Ba'athist holdouts (in our schools, that is), Failing Schools Underreported:

....Despite resistance of schools that want to stay off the low-performing-schools list, Mr. Paige said "the culture is changing" in the U.S. educational establishment under the act toward an acceptance that "accountability, assessment and choice as a matter of routine rather than something that is revolutionary or a new strategy for reform or something that's from the outside."

����Nonetheless, congressional Republican leaders think Mr. Paige and his team are "holding firm," which explains the delay of the overdue low-performing-schools report, said David Schnittger, Republican spokesman for the House Education and the Workforce Committee.

����"This is what it looks like when education reform is actually implemented instead of just being talked about," Mr. Schnittger said. "This Education Department has not issued waivers on demand. They have largely stuck to their guns." ...

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