January 14, 2004

some of what I do for a living....

Once upon a time there was a tiny kitchen in a tiny house, where a nice lady professor loved to cook, in conditions of the utmost cramptitude. There was a sort of niche or alcove next to the stove, which wasn't very useful. So she asked me, and my collaborator Johnny Zanakis, to rip out what was there, (a long and dirty day's work in itself) and, in a space exactly 48.5 inches wide, and 23 deep, to build in a long list of kitchen desiderata. It's close to finished, we're just waiting for the blacksmith to make more hardware, and you can see the results.

kitchen niche with cabinets

Or some of them. Many are hidden. All those drawers, for instance, have removable partitions that can be configured many ways.

Number 1 indicates some French antique glass bins with handles, sort of like square measuring cups. (Charlene saw them and is ready to kill for some.) I made pockets to hold them. #2 is a traditional Hoosier flour bin. The round part on the bottom is a sifter�you put a bowl underneath and sift flour into it. #3 is a slide-out shelf that will soon have a marble slab on it, for pastry making and such. #4, to give you an idea how crazy this project has been, is where I pushed the opening back between the wall studs, to gain an extra 3 inches for the flour bin, and for the mixers and gadgets that will soon clutter that green shelf That wasn't cabinetmaking; more like sculpture....

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