January 4, 2004

"The press missed a wonderful story that windy day"

When you read the media complaints about not being allowed to photograph the caskets of soldiers at Dover AFB, remember this story, by a woman whose son was killed in Afghanistan. The press were invited to come. Of course what those lying slimeballs want is not to honor our war dead, but to find ugly images to boost ratings and hurt Bush...

...the liaison from the Ranger regiment assured me that the press had been notified. We walked out on the tarmac next to the open cargo door of the enormous commercial jetliner, but when we turned to face the area set aside for the media, there was only a lone cameraman from the Ranger battalion.

The press missed a wonderful story that windy day. It took only a few moments for the nine members of the Ranger guard to remove the casket from the aircraft and for a crisp formation of 12 soldiers to snap to attention and salute. As they did, every construction worker and security guard, every person within sight of this small, simple ceremony came to a standstill to pay his respects. They may not have known my son's name, but they knew he was a soldier who had died in defense of his country. I was grateful that I could see through my tears to witness their tribute....

The reason the press wants to photograph at Dover is because there isn't any ceremony there. (That comes later.) I'd advise the President to lift the ban on photographers, but also to order the use of flags and honor guards for a solemn reception. The press would come once, then then hastily drop the whole issue. Because they know darn well that real Americans are going to react like those onlookers in the story. (Or like this.) And it won't be the President who looks small, it will be the chihuahuas who are biting his ankles. (via Betsy Newmark)

Posted by John Weidner at January 4, 2004 2:44 PM
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