December 21, 2003

"like an old high school quarterback"

A.O.G. tells me something I had no notion of: The UK has a spacecraft they hope to land soon on Mars! Very cool, I wish them luck.

He also said this:

Daniel Schorr was on NPR this morning, bloviating about some Nixon related thing. I realize that Schorr hasn�t had a moment of glory since the Nixon presidency, but while I can understand Schorr�s need to dwell on his past triumphs, why does that count as news? Why does NPR subject the rest of us to that? I have to agree that the Vietnam / Nixon experience has indelibly marked the generation that took part in the anti-government protests. Like an old high school quarterback who won the big game 30 years ago but struggles with a broken marriage and dead-end job now, modern reality is just too painful to deal with straight up. The only difference is that I can feel sorry for the former quarterback.

Posted by John Weidner at December 21, 2003 12:40 PM
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