December 13, 2003

Organic investments...

Yesterday Best of the Web was (justifiably) in stitches over some Democrat who was lamenting how happy people were going to be because the economy is getting stronger.

This is a snippet of his cry of woe that made me pause:

...took a look at my IRA today and see it sitting at a three year high. I admit, for a moment, I felt a moment of glee, then I remembered who this is REALLY helping, big corporations, Bush's supporters, and the sheep who think he really did anything to boost the economy....
Fellow, YOU are the "big corporations." You own them.

As Peter Drucker pointed out decades ago, America is a socialist nation--because the majority of shares in our corporations are held not by the rich, but by ordinary working and middle-class Americans, in the form of pension funds and mutual funds.

Of course the good part is that this has given the Leftys no joy at all! They know full well that "workers" with fat pension funds or 401-K's are not going to envision opportunities to put Socialists in power force the corporations to act in socially responsible ways. They are going to inquire why profits aren't higher, and whether a Republican Administration might be what the economy needs. One wonders what the fellow quoted here would say if he had the choice of hurting Bush--but only at the cost of his IRA being taken out of those horrid "big corporations" and invested in a migrant-farm-worker organic tortilla co-op....

Posted by John Weidner at December 13, 2003 9:02 AM
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